Details: Cabin is 1,000 sq. feet.  1 bedroom, 1 bath, central heating, fireplace, laundry facilities, great views, vaulted ceilings.

Décor:  Asian influenced with clean-lined/modern mid-century furniture.

The land: The property is on the steep side, and densely packed with large redwoods. Several tall stumps of the old growth redwoods are located just outside the cabin.

Peace and Quiet:  This is a beautiful rustic/rural mountain community.  It is very private.  There is only a partial view of one of our neighbors.  (We have wonderful neighbors who are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful should you have questions or concerns during your stay.)

Technology:  No television and no internet. Cell-phones, smart phones, etc. work very well.  People with smart phones can use them to set up a “hub” if you require internet access.  Contact your carrier for more information.   Santa Cruz is a college town and there are tons of internet cafes, libraries, etc.  (The cabin is equipped with a flatscreen T.V. and DVD player if you would like to watch movies.  There are RED BOX rental kiosks located at multiple grocery stores.)

Library:  An extensive and eclectic library, you’re sure to find something that suits you.

Water:  We installed a brand new well and water tank this fall.  Our personal preference is to drink bottled water, but many area residents drink the water as is.  Our well is over 300 ft. deep.  The water is a little on the hard side, but very clean.

Septic: The septic system is up to date and should require little thought.  There are a couple of books on the shelves if you are unfamiliar with how septic systems operate (namely, what NOT to put down them).

Provisions: The kitchen is fully stocked with dishes, pots, utensils, etc. This retreat does not provide food or any food service. Grocery stores, cafes, delis, markets, and farm stands are all within twenty minutes.

Caution:  [Current DROUGHT conditions – please conserve!!]  During heavy rains, the old logging road leading up to the cabin can be slippery.  We recommend a 4-wheel or all-wheel-drive vehicle, or a car that is lightweight. Please note that this location is hiking boot territory!  This property is not suitable for young children (two deep ravines). Mature pets are welcome, but we suggest you exercise extreme caution.  We do not recommend letting pets roam unaccompanied outside as coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions are occasionally spotted the area.  Also, equipment to rescue cats from 150-foot tall redwoods does not exist!  Finally, redwood trees frequently drop heavy branches. It is not a good idea to walk the property during high winds.

Power outages:  While DWP is usually quick to respond, we do occasionally lose electricity due to fallen trees.  There are flashlights and candles for your use.

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