1 WEEK:  $500.

2 WEEKS:  $850.

3 WEEKS:  $1150.

1 MONTH:  $1300/MONTH

2 MONTHS:  $1150/MONTH

3 MONTHS:  $1000/MONTH

$500 deposit.  You reimburse utility and cleaning costs.  (Hint: You can do the cleaning yourself and save $!)

The minimum stay is one week. But even if you can only make a few days of that week, it is still a bargain!

Note: Priority will be given to those who book multiple months.  Spouses are welcome.

(Currently booked: Dec 20 – Jan 10, 2016)

  • To make a reservation:  send an email to nightluge@aol.com.
  • Put the word BOULDERS in the subject line. Indicate first and second choice of dates.
  • Also please include a short description of your writing project and your website address if you have one. We look forward to your visit!

    (Katy and Stella in Monterey)P1030081

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