I had a wonderful time at the Boulders cabin! It’s a beautiful place that strikes the perfect balance between cozy and uncluttered. One can’t help but be inspired the the view of the redwoods from the writing desk or the porch. I got 20 pages done in a week’s time! It was the most productive writing retreat I’ve been on. I will definitely be back.   L. Brown

Three chapters in three days! Thank you, Boulders!!!!       Melanie Bishop, Author:  My So-Called Ruined Life

Book signing FEB 14 015


The cabin is beautiful and situated in a magical part of the redwood forest  The way you have the interior furnished and arranged is very tasteful.  As a landscape designer, people pay me to build beautiful environments, so your thoughtful attention to the interior space allowed me to relax and not be distracted by visual disharmony.  The bed is very comfortable, and I really appreciated how clean and well organized everything is.  All of your attention to detail set the stage for a very productive week-long writing retreat, which included lots of time communing with Nature.  Thank you, and I hope to return next year.  D.B.

We absolutely LOVED our visit to your wooded cabin! The view was incredible, the furnishings comfortable, and the quiet was so peaceful! The redwoods are amazing! Overall, our stay was incredible. What a beautiful place.  We can’t wait to come back again!      The Johnsons: Sue, Twila and Bailey

What a lovely cabin!   I was surprised at how soundly I slept.  I think the bed mattress is the best I have ever slept on!  We will definitely be staying again in the future.       P. Mason

I highly recommend this gorgeous retreat. Such an incredible deal, too, since to stay anywhere in this area, you’d easily pay $1500 for a week. At Boulders, you get a whole month of luxury for less. Great value. I remember when I first walked into the cabin thinking, wow, this is way better than the pictures! And the pictures are pretty damn nice!!
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I was fortunate to spend several weeks at Boulders this past spring. Because I live in Carmel, an hour’s drive away, I was able to go to Boulders for four and five days at a time, focus exclusively on my writing, and then drive back home to enjoy weekends with my husband and cat. It was an ideal situation for me. I set up my workspace, got busy immediately, had no interruptions, no internet distractions (thank you God), and was able to work all day long and into the night.


When not writing, I was taking walks, exploring the acreage, taking pictures, and reading. Some nights I would listen to NPR from the easy chair in the living room. The place has a lovely vibe, and it was just a delicious dip into solitude and writing and nature. I need a retreat like this at least once a year, and I plan to return to Boulders again and again. The owners are kind and helpful and communicative. The neighbors I met were warm and welcoming.

I went to Boulders with about a dozen pages of notes from an editor, fairly major revisions she was requesting to my young adult novel that they are publishing in January of 2014. I’d felt overwhelmed by the task before me and had been unable to focus on it at home. I’d found an infinite number of ways to just avoid doing it, day after day. I knew I had to go somewhere remote,  be surrounded by quiet and beauty, and unplug from the internet. Boulders was ideal for me. I could not have asked for a better space. The accommodations are luxurious. There’s a zen feel to the whole place that just facilitates a single focus and a calm mind.

While supported by the environment at Boulders, I completed all the requested revisions, the entire final draft of my young adult novel, due out in January from Torrey House Press.  Title is My So-Called Ruined Life, available now for preorder on Amazon, IndieBound, or Powell’s.

Melanie Bishop


My So-Called Ruined Life_HR

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